Welcome! Hishiya Torazo is a traditional Japanese inn that lasts for 400 years. Located in Shibu Onsen, close to Monkey Park. 

 One of the pleasures in Shibu Onsen is visiting its nine public baths. Try these public baths with different sources and medical effects. 

 You can walk from Shibu Onsen to Jigokudani Yaen-koen (Monkey Park) where you can see wild monkeys bathing in hot springs.

Snow car & one of the biggest ropeway will take you up to the SORA terrace. There is a restaurant at 1,770m terrace.

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Hishiya Torazo is the 13th generation. Torazo is the name of the founder. It is the name of the samurai. This name has been passed down for about 400 years.The name of the inn's master is Torazo all the time. The building is a historic wooden building. It looks like the Edo Period. Experience old Japan.

Inside the hall

Please enjoy Japanese-style Hot springs(ONSEN)

We have 3 types of Onsen that are available all night. It is a 100% natural hot spring that has been around for a thousand years. Among them, the outdoor bath can be enjoyed seasonally. And you can take a private bath.

Zozan Roten Buro
Garden bath( Open-air bath)

Enjyu no yu(making the skin smooth and beautiful.)

Wata no yu (effective for warming the body.)

WiFi is available at the whole building.

Facilities: Air-conditioning, Dining room, TV, Refrigerator,  Amenities Shampoo and Rinse, Soap, Tooth Brush & Paste,Hair Drier, Bath Towel, Face Towel, Tea Set, Yukata,

Nagano-ken Shimotakaigun Yamanouchimachi hirao2212 “OnsenRyokan Hishiya Torazo”



Contact information

FAX: +81-269-33-2106
E-mail: [email protected]

If you have any questions or requests,
please send mail.